Question about creating Quality Index

Hello everyone,

I’m new to EazyBI and I’m trying to create a report showing a quality index. This quality index will be calculated based on how many open issues of each priority are present.
I’m using the following values:

Blocker 50 points
Immediate 5 points
High 2 points
Normal 1 point

I’m looking for either just a number or graph showing the current quality index score and the score for the last few days or weeks.

Could anyone help me with this or point me towards resources that will help with this task?

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Hi @mmaksent,

One way of doing this is to select Open issues over Time and add the Priority to the columns. Further, you can define the threshold for each priority, e.g.

The formula for the threshold is as follows:

CASE [Priority].CurrentMember.Name
WHEN "Top priorities" THEN 120
WHEN "Not high and highest" THEN 380

I have further formatted the measure to display as a dashed line in a similar color as the Open issues measure for the Priority.

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Hello @lauma.cirule ,

Thanks for the reply! That’s not exactly what I’m looking for. I think I didn’t explain it properly - sorry about that.

What I’m looking for is a way to assign numeric values to each priority level we are using. And then to display the total of that values on a graph so we can see how it is changing for a period of time.

We are using 4 priority level in our JIRA and I was looking to assign the following values:

when “Blocker” then 50
when “Immediate” then 5
when “High” then 2
when “Normal” then 1

So let’s say that on the 1st of May we had two High priority issues then the value would be 4, on the 2nd of May we had one High priority and one Immiediet priority so the value for that day would be 7.

I know how to do that in Excel or other spreadsheet but I can’t make it work in EazyBI.

Hi, @mmaksent,

Thank you for clarifying! You can use a very similar formula, though, just iterating through Priorities and summing the value up on a higher level. Please try the following:

  Descendants([Priority].CurrentMember, [Priority].[Priority]),
  CASE [Priority].CurrentMember.Name
  WHEN "Blocker" THEN 50 * [Measures].[Issues created]
  WHEN "High" THEN 5 * [Measures].[Issues created]
  WHEN "Normal" THEN Val([Measures].[Issues created])

See how it works on my test data - for Highest priority as 50; and all summed up in All Priorities (the All Priorities value would also show in case you do not use the Priority dimension at all in the chart)

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Hi @lauma.cirule ,

Thanks a lot for your help! It works now :slight_smile:

Thank you,

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