Question in define a new calculated measure

We have accomplished some tasks and fixed some bugs in August(they all have a customer_field “Finish Time”)
Now I tried to define a simple new calculated measure:
Columns:one is “Finished Tasks” and anther is “Fixed Bugs”
ROW:Time Dimensions

IN “Finished Tasks” calculated measure ,I writed function like this,But can’t filter bugs
WHEN [Issue type] <> ‘Bug’
THEN [Measures].[Issues with Finish Time]

Hi dfbbxm,

In your case, you may use a tuple to get an amount of issues of particular issue type and with finished time.
For example, a formula for tasks with finished time may look like this:

([Measures].[Issues with Finish Time],
[Issue type].[Task])

If you would like to get an amount of all issue types except bugs and with finished time, you may write a formula like this:

[Measures].[Issues with Finish Time]
([Measures].[Issues with Finish Time],
[Issue type].[Bug])