Questions for Confluence: eazyBI report


I’d like to build report, based on ‘Questions for Confluence’ plugin. I found the API ( ) and have connection to wiki db.

What is the easiest way to have build report, which will show not answered questions and some properties of questions like ‘Topic, Creator, Created Date, Time without answer’ etc. I’m trying to go through ‘Data Import’ documentation, but it contains simple examples, where everything is from one endpoint (I need to execute several).

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Anton_Kruglikov!

While it would be possible to add some additional measures to Confluence data (e.g. questions and answers created per space), creating new ‘Questions’ dimensions in the Confluence data cube will not be possible.

I imagine the best would be to create a separate Questions cube (in the same Confluence or new account) where you could import each question in a dimension and add additional measures and properties for this dimension. See more in the Data mapping and Adjusting REST API result with custom JavaScript code.

If you have several sources, you would decide which is the first one, e.g. the one that creates the Questions and other dimensions, and which is adding additional measures and properties for these dimensions. Then run the import in the same cube, but in the sequence where dimension members are created first and then additional details are added.

Please let me know if you have further questions regarding this!
Lauma /