Questions on report building

I am very new to Eazy BI and my MDX skill is non-existent

I want to create a few reports for my customer

1] I want to report on the number of items left in my backlog by count and estimated time

2] I want to report on the total amount of Stories and Tasks on the project. This to indicate how much development is happening and how much support is happening on the project

To be safe I either need a recommendation to a repository of shared reports from the community or an easy how-to guide to write my own functions. I looked at the documentation on the site and it’s a bit high brow. Or I am just extra tired when I read it.

DEMO account

We suggest exploring our demo account for report examples and MDX calculation examples. You can check out dashboards or look for some more examples in Analyze where we grouped reports by Folders representing data type.

Backlog for Agile Boards is no default import option in eazyBI. You can check out community post on this topic here:

If you identify Backlog as a Status in Jira. You can use Status or Transition status dimension on the report to see issues in this status. Status dimension will give you only current data for issues. Transition status could give you any historical data and current status of this issue as well: Here is one report example in our demo account on this:
Issue days in Backlog

Reporting for Issue type (Stories and Tasks)
Many of reports could work for particular issue type selection. Here is one report example in our demo account where we used Issue types dimension to show how data split by particular issue types.
Average age of open issue by issue type and priority
You can try more reports from our demo account and move Issue type dimension to Rows or Columns to see how data split by Issue type.

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