Range Cell Formatting


Maybe I’m missing something simple here, but how could I use Range cell formatting for such table?
It only allows to do for each month separately, but not the overall table. And this also means that i would need to add this formatting for every month in the future
I understand the problem is that I do not have Measures in Columns. My Measure dimension is in Pages, because its needed for filtering. Is there any other way?

Coloring would be something like this: 80-100 green, 70-80 yellow, 0-70 - red or similar.

Thanks in advance!

eazyBI allows applying the cell formatting for measures or dimensions used on Columns only. We do not have the option to set the formatting for Measures or any other selections used on Pages.

Currently, you can apply the formatting for the individual months. In this case, the same formatting will work for any measure you will select on Pages.

You can also move back measures to Columns and set the formatting for the individual measure. If needed consider creating several reports instead of one report to apply different rules. You can use all those reports on one dashboard to see all those measures.

While we allow using measures in any place in the report, the suggested placement based on functionality and performance will be columns.

Daina / support@eazybi.com

Thank you for answering :slight_smile: