Re-Order Fix Version by Name

The fix versions in my projects are all named the same and use a naming convention of (i.e. 19.2 is Feb 2019, 19.6 is June 2019, etc.). When I create reports that use the Fix Version by Name option to combine data from multiple projects, I get a list like this:


I have tried both work-arounds provided in these forums to reorder the releases, but neither of them works. Bookmarking and re-adding simply puts them back in the same order they were before. If I try to create an Aggregate calculated field, I get an error that an Aggregate cannot be used with Fix Version by Name.

Are there any other options I can use to re-order the Fix Versions by Name in my report so they are in sequential order, not alphabetical?

Hi @bill.armstrong ,

My first suggestion would be to edit the version names in Jira to use the pattern you said mm.yy exactly - meaning both of the version numbers have two digits. If there would be a version name 19.01 and 19.02, etc, then eazyBI would order those before the 19.10, 19.11, etc.
If you do this, please make sure you re-import all data, as the version dimension members will not be renamed if no issues having this name are updated.

If that is not an option, you can add this zero for ordering the aggregated member. Please make sure you create the calculated member in Fix Version.By name hierarchy:


  Order([Fix Version.By name].[Name].Members,
  [Fix Version].CurrentHierarchyMember.Name,
  '(\d+)\..*', 1
  [Fix Version].CurrentHierarchyMember.Name,
  '(\d+)\.(\d+).*', 2
)) = 2, ExtractString(
  [Fix Version].CurrentHierarchyMember.Name,
  '(\d+)\.(\d+).*', 2
), "0" || ExtractString(
  [Fix Version].CurrentHierarchyMember.Name,
  '(\d+)\.(\d+).*', 2

If this still does not work, please give me more details of what error you get (with screenshots, if possible).
Lauma /

Hi Lauma -

Thank you! The modified Aggregate worked perfectly. For 2020, I will rename the fix versions going forward with the added zero.


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