Recreate Xray Test Plan Report


Need some help recreating the Xray Test Plan :slight_smile:


Hi @knayak,

Xray Test Plan report contains a different type of information; I would recommend to split it into several reports and places them in one dashboard to get a Test Plan overview. For example, you may split reports by sections as they are showed in the sample, like, general information, tests by status, tests by type, success rate by environment and linked defects.

Most of the building blocks are already available in eazyBI. Please check the documentation about data from Xray where are explained available measures, dimension and properties.

Xray custom fields, like, Test Plan begin, and end dates are not imported into eazyBI by default. To make them available in eazyBI, go to eazyBI Jira import options and select the Begin date and End Date as properties for data import. After data import, both dates will be imported as issue properties. Then for each date define a new calculated measure to represent issue property as test plan property. For more details on how to do it see documentation on data from Xray.

For success rate report, first, you should select field Test Environment for data import in import options. Then define a new calculated measure to calculate the success rate for each environment as this value is calculated in particular Xray report and therefore is not available in eazyBI by default.

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Thanks this helps :slight_smile: