Reducing the number of versions when importing to eazyBI


In our use case of using Jira Software, we are using a very large amount of versions for each Jira-project. We have multiple Jira-projects used in parallel, and each of them, generally, has similar versions.

For example, projects A & B both have versions a,b,c,d,e, etc.

When importing the projects to eazyBI we have issues with our method.

  1. There are too many versions imported, so eazyBI is having a hard time handling them. And the versions are identical in their names, because version a is located both in projects A & B

  2. Practically, in each filter of the data, I don’t need all the versions, but rather only the used versions, but even though eazyBI knows to give only the used ones, due to the numerous number of versions, I can’t use aggregation even to group together a specific group of versions.

Do you have any idea how to resolve this?

Hi @elyashivg

You may combine different approaches to filter and limit version appearance at the report level.

  1. Use “Fix Version” dimension both in Pages and Rows at the same time; in such a way, you will retrieve only a limited list of versions.

  1. “Fix Version” (as well as “Affects Version”) dimension has three hierarchies where versions are grouped differently; find which grouping works better for your report.

  2. Use other dimensions in Page filter; for instance, combine “Fix Version.By name” and “Project” dimension to get versions only for chosen projects grouped by their name (enable [nonempty]!):