Referring to Custom Fields

Hello - I wanted to ask how I can filter values contained within Custom fields.

E.g. “Dev Completed” is a date field (custom), but I have no clue how I refer to it in a query (e.g. I want to show those issues that have a value populated in the field, excluding any issues where the field is blank).

Any help?

Hi @jimbok11!

When you select custom date field to be imported as a measure, you also get ‘Issues with custom date’ (in your example, ‘Issues with Dev Completed’) measure created that will return 1 for each issue that has this date specified.

If you select this measure together with Issue dimension, it will show only issues that have the date; or if you use it with some other dimension, it will show totals of issues that have the Dev Completed date.

Let me know if I missed something and you have some further questions!
Lauma /