Refresh EasyBi dashboard

Hi Team,
I have a EASYBI dashboard pulling from JIRA projects, on thing i noticed is that dashboard is updated by day, i have closed JIRA projects and do not reflect on EASYBI even when i refresh browser or re-open app.

i appreciate if you have any feedback on this!!

eazyBI is a non-real-time analysis tool , which means that data are imported from the Source system (JIRA in this case) into the eazyBI database once or regularly, and reports and dashboards are built on data located in the eazyBI database.

You can see the current status of the Jira import, as well as additional information In the Source Data tab:

More detailed information about scheduling regular data imports can be found here (it differs a bit on Cloud or on Data center/Server):

Although eazyBI for Jira Cloud has limit on regular import frequency (daily), when Process events is selected, eazyBI will listen to the most important Jira Cloud webhooks and update data every hour on issue creation, resolution, updates and deletion, sprint and board changes, and logged hour events. As a result, eazyBI reports will show issues information that is not older than 1 hour even if the regular import frequency is set to daily.

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