Regular import frequency

I belive there is a min_regular_import_frequency in eazybi version 4.7.0>, is there a max_regular_import_frequency too??
We are currently using eazybi for JIRA (server) 4.2.3 and we need to set an “Import frequency = 1month” in one of our eazybi account is this possible for the latest eazybi version ?

if we use :

account_plan_params = true

And if we set import frequency in Plan parameters to:

min_regular_import_frequency = “30 day” (1month??)

will this work ?? :thinking:



Currently there is no option to set the max regular import frequency and also changing the plan parameters as you suggested would not work in this case.

We have a development task on our agenda for one of the next versions of eazyBI to allow custom import frequencies, but I can’t share any ETA for this at the moment.

Martins / eazyBI support