Reinstalling eazyBI. Will the old eazyBI SQL DB contain all of our data?

We repurchased a license to eazyBI after a period of having removed it from our instance of JIRA Data Center. In the past, we had users which leveraged this tool heavily for reports, and so we do have an eazyBI SQL DB still within our DB instance. We’d like to preserve whatever data we have on how it was used before.

  1. Will this SQL DB contain all of our previous settings and configuration?
  2. How can we install eazyBI without erasing this data?
  3. We installed eazyBI in a staging instance of JIRA. At this time, we dont know if the staging instance connected to the same DB (previous admin. no handoff). How can we check to see if we have historical data/settings in this DB, or see if it is just factory default information?

Hi @MattSEB

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To answer your questions:

  1. Yes, if the DB is “intact” it should contain all the data.
  2. During the eazyBI setup process there is a step where you need to specify which DB should eazyBI use. For this, please, create a new DB for the new eazyBI installation and specify it here. After that, you can migrate data from your old DB to the new one using the built-in migrator. Please read more on this here: Database migration
  3. The simplest way would be to open eazyBI and look at the Home tab. If there is only one account “Jira reports” with only sample reports active then most likely this is a new database.
    If there are more accounts with additional reports created, it means that eazyBI has connected to the existing database with previously created reports.

​Let me know if you have any additional questions on this!
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