Relabeling Epic to Feature (SAFE Framework)


We are planning to relabel issuetype “epic” to “feature” as per the SAFE framework using “Safe translator” plugin by CPrime. However, this plugin doesn’t change the name in database so when we connect JIRA to EazyBi it still shows as Epic.

Is there way we can rename Epic as Feature on EazyBi screen level?


This has been resolved by following the below workaround:

There is another option for the solution. You can create a new dimension which is identical to the issue type; instead of the Epic, it will have the Feature. For that, you need to create the Javascript calculated custom field and create the new dimension. For that, please, add following lines to the advanced settings:


name = "Type of Issue"


dimension = true


if ("Epic") {


} else {;



Open import options for edit after changes in advanced settings are saved and select the custom field for import as dimension and run an import. Import will create a new dimension for this calculated custom field in your account.

You can use this dimension instead of the Issue type to have the issue types renamed.

Let me know if that works fine for your case.


Janis Plume

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