Release Burndown Report

We would like to be able to build a release burndown chart, in eazyBI, that allows us to display the changes in scope, along with the resolved stories. Our teams are adjusting their scope constantly, so they will add stories to a release or remove stories from the release, by changing the FixVersion.

EazyBI Support has been very helpful in trying to build this report, but the closest we could get to scope was a field we called “Story Points Remaining For Multiple Sprints”, which was based on “Story Point History”. What this ended up showing was the burndown of the final/current scope of the release (Stories currently set with FixVersion to our release). What this does not show is how the remaining scope looked, over time. For example, we finish sprint 4 with 10 story points remaining for the release, and we add a 55 point story in sprint 5, the entire “Story Points Remaining For Multiple Sprints” line will shift up by 55 points across all scripts, even the ones that are complete. So does show that we only had 10 story points left at the end of sprint 4, it now looks like we had 65 points remaining, when we finished sprint 4. We want something that will reflect the history of our scope changes. This is done very well in the Jira Release Burndown Chart, but that is not available as a gadget. If we could reproduce that chart, in eazyBI, it would be a big win for team.


Thank you for your insight!

You are correct, currently, it is not possilbe to import issue release change history and, thereby, to create release burndown chart, due to technical limitations.
We have this improvement in our backlog. I will post here when something new appears.


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Well, when can we expect this? It’s an important item when using Kanban.


Do we have this improvement available now in the latest version of eazybi?

Hi @Vishwas

This idea is still in backlog, as we have not found a good solution for that.
To keep updated when something new is released in eazyBI, watch eazyBI in Atlassian Marketplace and get informed when a new release is coming out and what features are included.