Release burnup report with % completion

Can we create a report based on the below formula?

Logic / Formula:

Total complete - Total completed work (in days) in all closed sprints. Where Completed work = Estimate of closed Jira Cases

Total Scope - Total estimate (in days) for entire release (FixVersion)

Projection Complete - Based on average velocity (past 5 sprints) it is a projection of future completion.


Hi @rahuldanwade,

You might start with a report example from the Demo account and then adjust it if needed.

I would recommend using the Remaining estimated hours and Hours spent for calculations as those metrics represent changes over time and sprint by a sprint (

  1. “Sprint time tracking remaining estimate” report represents a set of Sprint scope measures based on remaining estimate instead of story points:

  2. “Sprint velocity time tracking” report represents committed estimated hours and spent hours for each sprint. Also, offers an example running how to calculate the velocity of spent hours for the last 5 closed sprints:

  3. “Sprints and Story points Overveiw for Project” report represents several main projects KPIs:

Zane /