Remaining estimated hours history - how to stop data being collected past a point?

Hi team, I’m using Remaining estimated hours history to create a sprint burndown report.

    [Measures].[Remaining estimated hours change]
  + [Measures].[Remaining estimated hours change]

How would I remove the data from the next day of the sprint onward?
I would still like to see the date range from Start to the End of Sprint
But I would want the line graphs and columns to halt on the current date.

Similar to the example below. I would like the orange burndown data to stop abruptly at the current date like in the top version.

On the below version you can see how 33d repeats past the current date (13th)

Many Thanks

For reference this is how the table presents.

Hi John,

Thank you for contacting eazyBI support!

You may create a new measure (in Measures) where you add a condition to display the measure only in past and current date periods:


DateCompare(“today”, [Time].CurrentHierarchyMember.StartDate)>=0


[Measures].[Remaining estimated hours history]


Use this measure instead of default remaining estimated hours history measure in the report.


Ilze Leite-Apine

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