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I want to to build a report that will display the remaining SLA percentage for “Time to first response”, “Time to resolution” and “Time to resolution(OT)”, all this SLAs already upload as predefined measures to eazyBI. For example, if the SLA is 10h and 3 hours have passed, then the remaining percentage should be 70%. The report should show the result for all project tasks without any division. I’ve looked through a lot of threads on the forum and haven’t found anything similar. Please help!

Hi @Alexandr_Me

eazyBI is a non-realtime analysis tool and data in reports must be imported in the eazyBI cube first.
eazyBI incrementally imports data for issues that were updated in Jira since the last successful import.

When importing data from JIra SM project fields eazyBI imports just finished cycles and would incrementally import just data for issues that were updated in eazyBI.
As far as I know, the “hours passed” won’t trigger the updated date in Jira for the issue.
Therefore, eazyBI wouldn’t know that Issue SLA field is recalculated and should be reimported in eazyBI. This means eazyBI doesn’t know the online result for “Hours passed” for each issue.

You can import details for completed cycles and calculate hours.
Additionally, you can extract and import the “goal” for Jira SM fields and then create custom calculations to compare hours spent in the cycle vs. the imported goal, but that won’t be possible for ongoing cycles. Only for the completed cycles.

There is no good solution to see the “online” time vs goal for cycles that are not completed yet.

Martins / eazyBI

Is it possible to run analytics on already closed tasks? Information about how much time was spent is displayed after all

Check this demo report: Average resolution time and trend (Lead time) - Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI

And you can explore many more different report examples on our public demo dashboards.

Martins / eazyBI