Remaining Story Points For Issues That Transitioned At Least Once To A Status

I’m trying to measure a burndown per month of remaining story points vs closed story points, but with remaining story points broken down into 2 parts… the remaining story points of issues that have transitioned to a status (let’s call it “Test”) at least once in the history of the issue, and everything else.

For the everything else, it should be fine if I can get the “Test” remaining points measure:

[Measures].[Story Points remaining] - [Measures].[Story Points Remaining Developed]

But for “Story Points Remaining Developed” based on any issues that have gone through the “Test” status once (because an issue may be reopened and passed back through the “Test” status multiple times… still the initial dev is done)… how can I track that so these remaining points show for these issues every month, even if the ticket becomes in a different status in a subsequent month?

Like if I have an issue that was “Ready” in Jan, transitioned to “Test” in Feb, then “Reopened” in Mar… I want to see the remaining Story Points for this ticket in Feb and Mar.


The following formula is for calculating on timeline cumulative story points that had at least one transition to the Test status previously:

    ([Measures].[Transition to status first date],
    [Transition Status].[Test]),
  ([Measures].[Story Points created],

So, if the issue had transitioned to Test in January, this formula will give the count starting from January for all future periods.

Janis, eazyBI support

OK, thanks for that, I’ll give it a try