Remove copying issues between accounts

Because of the way my company is set up, I have two separate accounts Account_A and Account_B. Each one imports from different Jiras projects, Jira_A and Jira_B. This cannot be changed.

I started off with Account_A with Jira_A as a source. I made a few custom reports with some custom measures. All worked fine.

I then moved project and IT created Account_B for me with Jira_B as a source. Since I wanted the same reports, I copied them over.

Now the problem I have is that Account_B lists sprints etc from Jira_A and Jira_B. Account_A can only see Jira_A. I’ve definitely done something wrong in the copying.

How do I remove Jira_A info from Account_B?

Hi @Cmdr_Vimes,

The copying should be done by exporting and importing report definitions. This transfers the report configuration, but not the data.
The only thing I imagine could be visible is if you have Sprint dimension members selected in pages, their name is also transferred with report definition. Still, if you select new Sprints from Project B and save the report, the Project A Sprint name should no longer be visible in Page selection after report reload.
If this is not the case, please send more details to

I also would like to suggest you use a template account for defining the reports you need in several accounts. See more about template accounts here: Template accounts.

Lauma /