Remove decimals from data labels

I do i format my data labels so i don’t get the .00. without editing each individual calculated member?


Currently, you should change the data format for each measure used in the chart to Integer, because, in the chart view, the same data format as for the result in the table view is used for data labels. Only in a Gauge chart, there is an option to display scaled values (e.g. 20.3k instead of 20 301.12).

Notice: if you use eazyBI default calculated measures in the chart, then create a new calculated measure with the original measure as a formula and select the format for this measure. During regular imports, all default calculated members are overwritten and you would loose format if you would set it directly to the original measure.

Also, I rise a new feature request in our backlog to consider the option to change data format in chart views without changing the measure itself.