Remove Row from Table --> use Dimension as Page

I am trying to build a pie chart with our Test Executions, and I have to exclude one specific key.
When I view it as a table, I can remove the specific key without any problem. But as I want to have a nice pie chart, I need to put the Test Executions as a page, so I have only Measures and Statuses inside of my Pie Table.

Is there any way to remove one specific key from a page or do I have to select everything except this one key? or is there a formula for a calculated member I can use?

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Hi Anna,

To remove a member from Page you can create a calculated member using Except(…) function. For example the following would remove test with ID XT-1 from Xray Test dimension

  [Xray Test].[Test].Members,
  [Xray Test].[Xray Tests].[XT-1]

Lauma /

Hi Lauma,

thank you for your reply. It is not quite working.
When I use the calculated member:


[Xray Test Execution].[Execution].Members,
[Xray Test Execution].[Execution].[JQM-7227]

I get this Error:

#ERR: Aggregation is not supported over a list with more than 1000 predicates (see property mondrian.rolap.maxConstraints)

I see. In case the dimension is this large, you can use more simple subtraction

[Xray Test Execution].DefaultMember - 
[Xray Test Execution].[Execution].[JQM-7227]

Lauma /

Thank you very much, this is working perfectly :slight_smile: