Remove total value from the title of Pie chart

Dear Support Team,
I am quite new to EazyBI, am just discovering the capabilities of the reports. So far I’m very impressed.

One thing I did not manage to solve: I copy the Components as a separate dimension, and I want to do some analysis on them related open story points. However, some issues I analyze have multiple components tagged. So when I calculate how much story points are open component wise, the sum of the open story points will not match the open story points in the project.


I would like to ask your help with

  • Either correcting the sum for the sum of the story points of the project, not the sum of the open story points of the components
  • Or removing the value from the title, or the title itself, without removing the values from the labels.

Thanks for your support in advance.

Hi @hidvegm,

Unfortunately, total values are a sum of all the individual values in the pie chart. Combined with multi-value field based dimensions, the total number differs from distinct numbers.

You can try the “Donut” chart. It doesn’t display the total:

See more details on how to enable the Donut chart here - Create charts.

Roberts //

Hi @roberts.cacus ,

thanks for the reply. I will find another way.