Removing a Project from project filter

I have loaded projects from jira into EazyBI, by Selecting the Project Categories option in the Source Data…
So all the jira projects that falls under the choosen category gets loaded.
But the problem is, it is also loading some of the demo projects into EazyBI.
Now we need to remove those demo projects from getting displayed in the project filter…
Can someone suggest, how to do this?

Hi Radha,

You can filter out issues by using an additional JQL query in the data import options:

The query could look like this:

project not in (Demo, "DEMO Alfa","DEMO Beta")

Janis, eazyBI support

Hi Janis,
I even tried adding a JQL to filter the project using the not in clause
But that is not working…
I guess this JQL filter works only to select selected issues and wont work for project it seems


Hi, Radha,

The JQL filter should result in the following (no measures for the eliminated project)

So, those projects should not impact any result in the report and you can hide the rows with Hid empty option in the report.

Janis, eazyBI support