Removing Timeout

Can the 60 second timeout be removed? I know adding custom javascript can speed up complex calculations but to expand ease of use; I want to run a report over a lot of data, since this is a BI tool I initially don;t care that much how long the report takes to run, I just want the output


In eazyBI for Jira Server, there is an option to increase report timeout: (this option is not available for eazyBI on Jira Cloud).

We strongly suggest keeping reports as optimized as possible: usually, over time, the imported data set tends to increase and it leads to increased execution time/resources for the same reports. It could affect the overall performance of eazyBI and Jira. Therefore, before increasing timeout period, you may want to check your most complex reports and think of possible optimization options; feel free to ask our input on that.

Also, enable eazyBI child process to eliminate eazyBI impact on Jira:

To find out eazyBI reports with the longest execution times in your instance, you may want to use eazyBI usage statistics: