Renaming import users / reset authorisation

Hello, at this moment changing username of an account used for import requires Reset authorization on all involved cubes/accounts.

It would be nice if EazyBI would store the account by user key instead of user name so it would handle renaming without any problems.


This is a very good feature request, however, I can’t share any ETA for such development.
But I agree it would be better to use user key not username to authorize imports.
Could you please share more details about cases when you change username?
That is not that common practice (to change usernames) in Jira as I know.

Martins / eazyBI support

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Hello, We are using e-mail as an username. I would say that is quite common practice. Problem is that our company re-brands from time to time. It means slightly different name and sometimes even domain. That that renames all user accounts - even service accounts which are usually used for integration purposes or import in EazyBI.

For example will be soon renamed to

Thanks for details.
They will really help for discussions about this development.