Replicate Coverage report from Requirements for Jira (R4J)

R4J includes a Coverage report to show the requirements and the Tests where they are covered.
Is it possible to recreate it on eazyBI?

Hi @Daniel_Luevano,

I believe I had an internal support conversation with you regarding this topic. I will post the answer regarding the initial topic here as a reference to other eazyBI community users.

Unfortunately, eazyBI does not have integration with R4J. Thus, I can’t give you pointers to help create the coverage report in eazyBI. We do have a feature request regarding this integration in our backlog. I added your vote to it. Because the feature request still gathers user interest, I don’t have any estimates. We will let you know once there are any developments.

However, suppose the R4J app uses Jira custom fields or issue links (the information is stored on issues using Jira standard mechanisms). In that case, you may import those data in eazyBI.

Another option is to import additional data to the Jira data cube using Rest API or select from the database. Note that this solution allows you to import new properties and measures, not new dimensions.

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