Replicating Jira's "Issue Severity" in eazyBI?

There is no equivalent issue property for Jira’s Issue Severity in eazyBI. Severity refers to the effect of an issue on the program, i.e., 1 - Software Malfunction, 2 - Critical, etc.

eazyBI has the property Priority with terms such as Blocker and Critical but it’s not equivalent to Jira’s Severity property. Also, I’ve read on eazBI Community that defects are issues that can be resolved without code changes while bugs require a code change but this does not seem to be the case at my firm.

Thanks in advance!


In eazyBI you could actually define new calculated custom fields (with Javascript code in advanced settings)
And then you can import them as separate dimension and properties and use in your reprots.
Perhaps, this is a way to go in your use-case.

Martins / eazyBI

Thanks, Martins. Was able to import as custom measure.