Replicating the Jira Issue Statistic

Has anyone been able to replicate the Jira Issue Statistic gadget here in EazyBI? I’d like to create this report, but need to filter it on a dimension we created in EazyBI.
I have been able to pull the individual issues, but have not figured out how to group them by status and get a total count at each status (I can add a total to the report but I do not want to see each individual issue, just the total count by status). Once I have them grouped, I will still need to figure out how to add the percent complete statistic.
In the end, I am looking for this:

If I could get the progress bar to display (as in the gadget) that would be a nice bonus

Hi @JTHowe,

You can create a similar report by adding the Status dimension to rows and combining it with the Issues created measure (1 in the image below). This would give you the count of issues in each status.

To add the percentage as above, you can use the standard % of total calculation on the issues created measure (2 in the image).

Lastly, I have added the ‘100’ calculation using the calculated Issues created % measure to get the stacked column until 100% (the result is formatted to be integer %):

1 - [Measures].[Issues created %]

Lauma /