Report about Issue closers/solvers

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I´m trying to find a way to build a report that shows stats on users that close issues.
Is there a standard field that shows who (or which team) has closed/solved an issue?

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Hi @AntonBDR,

Yes, you can see which users have changed the issue status and made particular transitions.

For the report, you might want to use dimensions Transition Author, Transition Status and measure Transition to status issues count (
The report on users who closed the issues might look like this:

You may filter data by date or period when transition happened using Time dimension.

You may filter data by Jira user groups using dimension Transition Author Group. If you do not see this dimension when building a report, go to import options, tab “Additional options” and select user group dimensions for data import. There are more details on it:,intervals,andissuelinkfields

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Thanks a lot @zane.baranovska