Report based on user group

Hi all,

We have enabled an issue type for manage Orders in Jira. In each Order we use a custom field to register the Provider (a simple list type, a combobox). And we have as many user groups as providers (for each provider there is a user group and an element in the custom field, both with the same name).

Is it possible to build a report that, depending on the user group, only shows the corresponding Orders to prevent a Provider from seeing the orders of others?

Thanks in advanced!

Hi @fortego

There are two ways to limit report results by users.

  1. you could try creating a separate dashboard for each Provider and then use data access roles to limit which provider dimension member each group can see in reports.

  2. you could create a separate eazyBI account for each provider and limit imported data using JQL filters in import options. Note you can create an unlimited number of eazyBI accounts.
    The second way is more secure but it also requires more administration.

Martins / eazyBI support