Report containing numeric an string based column values


I need to provide a report that contains numeric and string based column values. The configuration is based on eazyBI for Jira Cloud, the data is extracted from an Excel spreadsheet (later we want to use a MS SQL Server).

The spreadsheet looks like this

As strings can’t be imported as measures I mapped them as an property to a dimension. The mapping configuration looks like this

Unfortunately my report does not only show the relevant chipset data for the KPI value but all chipset values.

How can I remove the rows where no “Kpi Value” is defined so that only valid combinations are shown.

Thanks for your help. Kind regards

Hi @matthias.bauch

Thanks for sharing your use case. It is always beneficial to see the screenshots, to understand the root cause.

Could you please try enabling the “Nonempty” option for Rows and see if the report returns the expected data?

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Elita from

Hi @Elita.Kalane
thanks a lot for your response. Now it works.

Thank you

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