Report for requirements with special measures

Hi together,

I am new to eazyBI. but I want to create the following report:

A report for requirements with new requirements, requirements where the analysis is done, requirements who are rejected and requirements who are ready for development.

Unfortunately we do not have a status for each.

So I have created a report with time as row and Issues created as measure for new requriements.

Can someone help me with the other measures?

Requirements where the analysis is done: the requirement is set to a specific assignee in the given time period.

Requirements who are rejected: the requirement is set to status close with the solution “Rejected” in the given time period.

Requirements who are ready for development: the status of the requirement is changed from design to implementation in the given time period.

Thank you in advance!

Hi Alex,

The solution for this use case would require custom calculated measures and use of tuples in the formulas.

The count of transitions to assignee per month (note to refer to the correct assignee, in my case the “Adam Mint” is hardcoded):

([Measures].[Transitions to assignee],
 [Assignee].[Adam Mint])

Rejected requirements:

([Measures].[Issues resolved],

The count of issues having a specific transition within the selected period (note to use correct transition name for your case):

([Measures].[Transitions to status issues count],
 [Transition].[In Progress => To Do])

You can add the Issue type in the page filter on the report to have only requirement issues, or you can extend tuples with one more member in it to have the limitation on the requirement issue type.

You can check more about the tuples in our documentation site. The tuple is a powerful feature of eazyBI and MDX language: