Report for used calculated measures, or highlight the border

We have over 100 custom metrics and I want to clean those up, deleting ones not being used. Can you build a report, or highlight the calculated measure in RED if not used in any reports? The metrics being used, the border can be highlighted in green.

Hi Chuck,

Currently there is no convenient way to find all un-necessary measures in the eazyBI account.
We have a feature request to find a solution to report on all un-used measures but I can’t promise any deadlines for that.

Meawhile, you could try exporting all definitions for reports from one account to text file and check the calculated measure vs. the text file.
Unfortunately, that is a manual approach and you would need to search these measures one-by-one.

Another way would be trying to delete the user-defined calculated measure from the Analyze view.
Before it would be deleted, eazyBI will show all reports where the calculated measure is used (then you could cancel the request).

Martins / eazyBI