Report in Confluence: Passing variable

Hi everyone,

I made a eazyBI report and integrated it into a confluence page, and everything is working very well :wink:

Now, I would like to upgrade my report, by passing a input (variable) from confluence to my report … how can I do that ?

Thanks for your help.


You can pass any variable changing data in the report via Pages selections. You can add dimensions to Pages with all those options. Then you can change the Pages selection in Confluence and save the report in the confluence page with the changed Report Pages selection.

You can use calculated members in the eazyBI to dynamically pull in some values based on some rules. The current period, Current user, Last sprint, etc.

You can check some examples for this in our demo account. Check calculated members in dimensions Time, Assignee, Sprint.

Daina /

Did you mean “variable” in the Confluence sense (to create a Confluence template)?
I tried that in order to have a standard end-of-sprint report for the different teams, but the confluence gadget for EazyBI reports cannot use a variable and do the substitution.

I ended up adding instructions in the template that involved going into code view of the page and doing search/replace to update page selections - for example changing a default “MY_SPRINT_NAME” with “Sprint 172” or “MY_TEAM” with the actual team name.

Thanks for your feedback.

I would like to use a variable in a Confluence template page to automatically populate the page selections parameter of my report.