Report linked issues of any type

Can anybody guide me on how to create a report that show linked issues of any type to issues of any type, coming from JIRA?

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You may import issue links in eazyBI as separate dimension and as issue property.

  1. In eazyBI advanced settings, add JavaScript (visit eazyBI documentation for this piece of code). This script will fetch linked issues regardless of link type or direction. Note: this script won’t return links of JIRA issue hierarchy, like Sub-tasks of an issue, as for this is used issue hierarchies.

  2. In data import options, for custom field “All links” select import as dimension and import as properties. Then run data import.

  3. After data import, new dimension “All links” and a new issue property “Issue All links” are available in your reports.

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Wonderful news!

Since eazyBI version 4.1. issue links can be imported easier.

Please follow this documentation page to find out more:

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