Report needed - Zephyr test cycle execution during a sprint

Hi! I wish to have a report that allows me to select the sprint and it return me all releases and test cycles for that sprint.
Something like

Pages–> Sprint
Rows --> Fix version
Rows --> Zephyr Test Cycle
Measures --> Issues Created
Measures–> Zephyr Test Status

Is it possible?


Hi @gustavo_salvato,

Zephyr Test Cycles are related to test executions and information around the Test issue. You can see how many tests are in the cycle using the measure Zephyr Tests with executions and you may get testing results by status using dimension Zephyr Test Status on columns (see picture below)

On the other hand, Sprints and Zephyr data are related only through Test issues; on Jira, users can assign a Sprint for each Test. In the eazyBI report, when filtering data by a Sprint, you can see testing results of the Test issues assigned to the selected Sprint.
See the documentation on Zephyr specific measures for more details on how those are related to Zephyr specific and standard dimensions:

In case Sprint and testing data are related differently, you may define new calculated measures to implement that logic.

Zane /