Report of a single epic

I would like to build a table in order to show the number of issues “done”, “in progress”, “to do” or “waiting” (this is “status” of my issues) according to a unique epic ticket.

i used the formula below in order to obtain the table you can see below.

problem, the formula check all the tickets of my project… and i would like to only scan the ticket linked to an epic.
How can i do this?
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ed file.

      [Issue].CurrentMember.GetDate('Created at'),
    [Measures].[Issues created]=1
  WHEN [Measures].[Issue status]="Done"
  OR [Measures].[Issue status]="In Progress"
  OR [Measures].[Issue status]="To Do"
  OR [Measures].[Issue status]="Waiting"
  THEN 1
  ELSE 0

ny idea to help me
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Hi @clement_dd_64

You can skip using “calculated measures” and stick with the default measure, “issues created”.
Just add the “Issue” dimension to page filters and select the Issue.Epic hierarchy.
When report is filtered by epic, the results will be calcualted for filtered epic and all its children.

Martins /eazyBI support

Hello, thanks for your message!
However, in my eazybi project, when i set [issue] as page, i don’t see any field referenced as “epic”.

I think that i need to import something… I have checked the import jira option and i have only 2 fields which are linked to epic : “epic type” and “epic/theme”.

I am not the administrator of the project. I need to contact him in order to add an import right?
If i am right what is the import i need to reach what i need?

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Make sure that “Epic Link” is imported from the “general” tab in the import options page:

Martins / eazyBI