Report on method of ticket creation (Create button, customer portal, cloning)


In my company we create some tickets via the Create button, some arrive in via the customer portal, and some are cloned across from other projects within our Jira instance. Is it possible to create a report which would categorise tickets created in a project into the three categories, i.e.

  • tickets created via Create button

  • tickets created via customer portal

  • tickets cloned from other projects


Hi @bar368

In this case, you would need to use a Javascript in advanced settings to define a new calculated custom field which you can later import as a separate dimension in the cube. Then you can split results by new dimension members.

When checking JSON fields for issues, it seems that you can use issue links (if the issue is cloned it has an inward link “is cloned by”) and reporter field to identify the way how the issue was created.

Unfortunately, we don’t have exact example of such Javascript to share.

Martins /eazyBI support