Report on sub-tasks created while story in particular status

Hi - not sure this is going to be possible, but does anyone have an example of a report that can distinguish subtasks created when the parent story is in different statuses.

We basically want to see what dev bug sub-tasks were created at QA and UAT status. We’ll probably resort to labelling in Jira, but hoping that EazyBI has something up its sleeve!

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While eazyBI stores timestamps of status changes, such calculation in eazyBI side would be complex and very slow.

In such cases we suggest precalculating this information in Jira, using some scripted field (e.g. Jira Misc or ScriptRunner). You may want to create a custom field “Parent status” (or name it differently) in Jira, that would retrieve and store to the subtask issue its parent status at the sub-task creation moment. Then import this field as a dimension in eazyBI and use it in reports to distinguish issues.
More about scripted field import in eazyBI read here (based on Jira Misc).

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