Report showing results by closing month


In jira, when we close a specific issue type, we have a transition screen asking for the results of the work done. In the ticket, at the end it looks like this:


I try to build a report showing the number of each results by month. At the end it should look like this:

I have 2 problems.
1- the month is based on the creation date not the closing date. How can I change it to show by the closing month? Actually I put:

2- Nbr of … count only 1 (which is the jira ticket) instead of the number that we entered when we closed the ticket. (for example in the first attachment, it will count 1 for Nb incidents instead of 13)

I tried:

  • [Measures].[Nb incidents created],
    [Status].[Issues closed]
  • [Transition].[To present => Closed],
    [Measures].[Nb incidents created]
  • [Measures].[Issues closed]
    [Measures].[Nb incidents created]

It counts only 1 which is the ticket changed to closed, what I need is to show the number entered in the ticket for each category. Right now, it looks like this:

Can you help me?
Thanks :slight_smile:


The recommended solution is to configure the Closed status in eazyBI data import options: Issues closed measure

Once you do so, measures with the suffix "…closed " are created for all numeric custom fields, and those measures are mapped to the time dimension by the date when the issue is closed (entered the Closed status). So, please, check how the closed status is configured and how the …closed measures work.

The measures that are created from the numeric custom fields hold the value of the custom field, not the issue count. Please, re-check your formulas to see if those measures are spelled correctly.

Janis, eazyBI support

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