Report showing Work Description text


I am testing out EazyBI to see if it will fulfill a requirement we have for Jira. We would like to be able to generate a report which shows, by Project-Issue-Assignee, the actual text they typed into the “Work Description” text entered when a user logs work on an issue. The idea is to be, in a way, a weekly status update report to show what each employee worked on.

I am not seeing the Work Description field as an option… Is this possible?


The field should be under Measures->Issue Properties

If you don’t see it as one of the fields you will have to import the field from the advanced settings. Look at the following link: You don’t have to select it as a dimension nor measure since you are just displaying it as a property.

Once this is one, you go back to the import section and ensure that it’s selected.

I hope this helps.


eazyBI imports “Worklog” details and you could see all worklogs (with description) by date when you use measure “Hours spent” and click on cell results for “Drill through cells”

Note you can export this list if needed.

Also, it would be possible to import “Worklog Description” as a separate dimension by using eazyBI [advanced settings] ( Then dimension member names will not be longer than 255 characters.

See more about second option here:

Martins / eazyBI