Report task spent time categorized by an Epic custom field

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I need to know how much time I am spending with different clients.
Client is a custom field that I only fill in the Epic level, so I’m not being able to summarize those values in the task level since the Client custom field is not filled in the Task or sub-task level.
That Client custom field is already available in the EazyBI and working fine.

Any thoughts?

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In this case, you could use Javascript in advanced settings to import the inherited custom field - copy field “Client” values from Epic to Children.

Just be careful with the Javascript functions, as some custom field types require .value to return the right. You can validate the script (before using it in advanced settings) for one issue key

See similar discussion here: Filtering on Program Increment at Epic Link level - #2 by zane.baranovska

Then you could use the new “Epic Client” field in your reports with measure “Hours spent” and all hours would be grouped by the client of the epic.
But this approach would work only with single-select Jira custom fields (one value per field)

Martins / eazyBI support

Thanks, Martins! Works like a charm :slight_smile:

The problem I’m facing now is that for some issue types that are not related to Epic (like a bug), this custom field(client) is returning (null) instead of the current value.
Is there someway to keep the filled value instead of overwriting it with the Epic value?



Why don’t you instead try creating new calculated measure - to add the results from issues without Epic Client

[Measures].[Issues created]
[Measures].[Issues created],
	[Epic Client].Currentmember.key
[Epic Client].[(none)]

Martins / eazyBI