Report to identify issues in more than one board


Can someone help me with how to create a report to identify issues that are in more than one board? I honestly do not even know where to begin!



Hi @diazmayo,

You may start from an Issue perspective. In eazyBI is imported a list of past sprints for each issue as property “Issue Sprints”.

In Measures, you can create a new calculated measure that would check on the Bord name for each sprint and return the number of unique boards related to the issue. The expression might look like this:

    --filter set of valid sprints for each issue
      [Sprint].[Sprint].GetMembersByKeys([Issue].CurrentMember.Get('Sprint IDs') ),
      [Sprint].CurrentMember.Name <> "(no sprint)"),
    --set of matching boards

Set the “Issue” dimension on the row in the report and expand to the issue level. The calculation above works only when individual issues are on report rows as it is based on issue property.

On columns, select property “Issue sprints” and the new calculated measure (see picture below).

More details on calculated measures are here: Calculated measures and members - eazyBI.

Zane /