Report to show no. of days in all Transition status for the stories done in last 15 days

I’m new to EazyBI and have a requirement to create a report to show issue details and no. of days it was in each Transition status for the issues whose transition status changed to Done in Last 15 days.
User would like to see the transition status starting from Physical design doing to Done for these projects.
For example, if the story was in Deploy QA- Doing for 30 days and changed to Deploy QA- Done and was there was for 10 days , user wants to see all the details for these stories.


Hi @Bhanu,

Welcome to the eazyBI community.

From the provided details, it seems the requirement is to see the particular issues in the report, not just the sum of days these issues spent in the statuses. In that case, I recommend defining a new calculated measure to return issues transitioned to “Done” in the last 15 days. The formula could look similar to the one below:

  [Time].[Day].DateMembersBetween('15 days ago', 'today'),
  ([Measures].[Transitions to status],
  [Transition Status].[Done])

Now you can select this measure in the report and filter the report rows by it.

As the next step, add the desired issue details and the measure “Days in transition status”. Then, finally, drill the measure “Days in transition status” into the Transition Status dimension. See more details regarding that on our documentation page - Create reports. The report then could look similar to the one below:

I recommend enabling the “Hide empty columns” option to display only relevant Transition Status members.

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