Report to show time remaining from a fixed value

I want to create a report that will show how much time has been used out of a designated bucket. So for example:
I have a total of 4500 hours I can spend on a “project” (which I’m technically using a “label” to determine). I want to be able to see how many hours I have used or have left.

Label 1 = we can spend 4500 hours
Label 2 = we can spend 6000 hours
Label 3 = we can spend 2500 hours


  • The time is not spent consecutively so I can’t apply a start and end date.
  • We are logging time on subtasks

Hi @jmarshall,

You could create a new calculated measure, “Label limit,” that would map the specified limit to the label by its name. For the calculation, use condition CASE WHEN a label name is “xxx” THEN, e.g.

CASE [Label].CurrentMember.Name
  WHEN "Label 1" THEN 200
  WHEN "Label 2" THEN 333

This could be used together with Hours spent measure in a table

Or you could use it in charts, e.g. in gauge to show how far the Hours spent are from the limit:

If the Labels are only provided on the Parent level, then instead of the Label dimension, you would create a new Link field dimension Parent Label. See similar examples here: Issue link field dimensions - eazyBI for Jira.

Lauma /