Report uncovered requirements (with XRay)

Hello there,
I hope you can help me. We just started with using XRay and eazyBI and I want want to create a requirement coverage report. There is a template available, but it only shows requirements that are already covered by test cases. I also want to see which requirements are not covered. Is there any possibility to do so?

I tried to import the link between requirements and tests but this doesn’t seem to work right.

name = “Requirement Link”
inward_link = “tested by”
issue_type = “Requirement”
multiple_values = true

Thanks in advance,

Hi @Monique_Blaschke,

eazyBI will create an Xray requirement dimension from issues which are specified in the Xray settings as a requirement issue type and have at least one test linked to them via the “Tests” issue link. Please have a look at the Xray settings to see if the issue types are configured as expected -

Unfortunately, eazyBI will import only those requirements which have at least one test linked to them. Requirements without tests won’t show up in this dimension. Please read more about the Xray integration on the eazyBI documentation page -

Kind regards,
Roberts // eazyBI support