Report with data from two projects

I have two projects. One for managing User Stories (lets call it Project A) and one for all Support tickets (TRs/Bugs, Project B). In Jira I combined the projects which makes it possible to see and manage Bugs from Project B in Project A. I do see the bug in the same team board in Jira as the User Stories. So in Jira it works fine.

Now I like to see the bug as well in EazyBI in any of my reports. E.g. “open issues in a sprint”, Story balance, etc. I selected both projects when importing but I cannot get data from Project B in Project A.

Any advise would be appreciated.

When executed in jira, through filter/board, it is only visualization and not a union of the projects. Similarly, in EazyBI, you can see data simultaneously depending on the selection used, single or multiple, but it is not a visualization of the data from Project A into Project B.

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Thanks for your response. This is exactly the behavior I expected but didn’t work. It turned out there was a JQL Query in the “additional options” for importing data. This query excluded the info I needed. After removing the query it works like you indicated. Thanks and best regards, Andre