Report XRay Test runs against their components


I’m trying to get an overview of all Test runs against their corresponding components, however I can’t get this to work with a current calculated measure.

Goal: present a graph in the form of stacked bar holding the test run results (PASS / FAIL / …) of my test cases, mapped against the corresponding components linked to these test cases. This will help us to understand the amount of execution, coverage and maturity per component.
→ Basically I want to report similar statistics as for the measure “XRay Test Runs”, but with the option to report these numbers against their components.

|COMP. DB|12500|145|33|100|
|COMP. FRONT-END|1325|345|12|43|
|COMP. API|3452|34|6|56|
|COMP. MOBILE|3466|123|59|3|

Currrent approach:

  • At the Y-axes, I have added “Project” as dimension, for which I selected category “Component”
  • For the X axes I’m using a calculated measure (see below), with as second dimension “XRay Test Execution status”
  • In the “Pages” area I can switch between platforms, environments, test plans,…
  • Measure to get the components tracked:

Descendants([Xray Test].CurrenthierarchyMember, [Xray Test].[Test]),
[Measures].[Xray Tests created]>0
([Measures].[Xray Test Runs],

This calculated measure returns a very small subset of the numbers I’m getting when using “XRay Test runs” and furthermore there is still no split in components.

Any thoughts what I’m overlooking here?

Hi @Stijn,

You are very close with your calculation! The only thing is that when filtering Tests, you would need to ignore the Execution status as well. The further Test run measure will put that context back. Plase try the following:

    [Xray Test].CurrentMember, [Xray Test].[Test]
  ), ([Measures].[Xray Tests created], [Xray Test Execution Status].DefaultMember) > 0
), ([Measures].[Xray Test Runs], [Project].DefaultMember))

Lauma /

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thanks a lot, this worked!