Reporting on archived projects

Hello, I would like to check how EazyBI should work with project archived in JIRA Data Center. So far it shows / imports malformed or no data. Is it a bug or intention?

Hi @hroch,

Thank you for drawing our attention to this question! To be honest, currently, data import of archived projects is not supported in eazyBI as this functionality is unique to the Jira 8 Data Center and not server version.

We plan to address this use case, but I can not give you any estimates when and exactly how it is going to be solved.

Zane /

Hello, archiving is here since JIRA 7.10 DC released 29 May 2018.
I understand that it is for DC only related issue, but your product claims to be DC compatible. But enough of nitpicking :grinning: It is not critical for us at the moment. We can try different variants of archiving, for example based on Project security scheme for projects on which we want to report in EazyBI.

It will be great if EazyBI will support this out of the box, because it will help us to keep big JIRA instances cleaner.
Have a nice day.

Heya hroch, did you ever end up w/ a solution for this? Just had to unarchive a project and go back to the old ‘archived’ permission scheme to lock it down due to eazyBI reporting requirements.