Reporting using EazyBi for Portfolio for Jira

Hi all,
As at the moment Portfolio for Jira does not have sufficient reporting capabilities I have a question, is it possible to report on the Jira Portfolio features using EazyBI, if yes how can I do that?
Thank you in advance!
Kind regards

Hi Sveta,

Currently, eazyBI does not support JIRA Portfolio by default, we have a plan for future to add support for it, but we do not have clear estimates yet.

At the moment, you can create reports based on Portfolio Parent issue levels (i.e. Initiatives, Themes). It could be done by creating new Issue dimension hierarchies based on Portfolio Parent link: you can read how to do that in our documentation, look for the section “Portfolio for Jira hierarchy import”

If you have some particular report in mind, do not hesitate to share it, probably, some workaround is available!


Hi Ilze,
thanks a lot for the reply. This is everything I’ve wanted to know at the moment.

Kind regards

is there a way to have portfolio team capacity data in easyBI?